• In a bizarre marketing move, Heinz has launched an exclusive "Ketchup and Allegedly Ranch" sauce inspired by Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's rumored romance.
  • The sauce, of which only 100 bottles will be produced, pays tribute to Taylor and Travis by combining Taylor's lucky number 13 and Travis's jersey digits 87.
  • While the price of the sauce is unclear, Heinz is benefiting from the advertisement and buzz generated by Taylor's star power, despite neither Taylor nor Travis receiving any profits from the product.

The Internet can’t get enough of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s rumored romance, and it appears companies are beginning to take advantage of this prime marketing opportunity.

In perhaps one of the most bizarre product announcement, Heinz revealed the launch of its exclusive "Ketchup and Allegedly Ranch" sauce on Tuesday, September 26, which is meant as a tribute to Taylor, 33, who attended the Kansas City Chiefs' game with Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium last weekend.

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Only 100 bottles of the condiment will be produced, which is intentional – the number comes from a combination of Taylor’s lucky number 13 and Kelce's jersey digits 87. Fans interested in purchasing the product can visit Heinz's official Instagram page to learn more.

Heinz’s new release may seem random, but the sauce was inspired by what Taylor was seen munching on while supporting Travis at his NFL game. Photographs showed the singer chowing down on a piece of fried chicken while appearing to dip it in both ketchup and ranch sauce.

The photo of Taylor later went viral when the Twitter account @tswifterastour re-shared them with the caption, “Taylor Swift was eating a piece of chicken with ketchup and seemingly ranch!” The post quickly went viral with over 26 million views.

It's unclear how much Heinz’s new sauce will sell for when it becomes available, or if the company expects to make much of a profit given the limited quantities. But Heinz likely can’t put a price on all of the advertisement and buzz its brand is getting from the product, thanks to Taylor’s star power of course.

While neither Taylor won’t get a profit of Heinz’s new flavor, she seems to be doing fine on her own. The musician’s ongoing Eras tour is on track to make over $1 billion in revenue, making it one of the highest-grossing concerts of all time.

Moreover, the singer appears to have another project up her sleeve. Last month, it was reported that Taylor hopes to create a TV show once her world tour concludes.

She’s reportedly in talks about a potential project with screenwriter Alice Birch, known for her work on hit series such as Succession and Normal People. According to an insider speaking to The Sun, Taylor is contemplating a "meta-feminist" series and was particularly drawn to collaborating with Alice due to her admiration for the Succession character Shiv Roy.

So far, however, the TV project remains unconfirmed.